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established in 2015


One of the seven fundamentals of life's philosophy, Nirjara is a slow design fashion and textiles apparels brand with metamorphosis at its core. Nirjara, in Jain philosophy, refers to the removal of accumulated karmas from the Atma, essential for breaking free from the birth-death cycle, by achieving liberation. Upholding the same value at its core, Nirjara aims to celebrate this journey of being through the language of textiles and tools of design. This passage that one embarks upon is a personal journey for everyone and at Nirjara, we aim to facilitate by handcrafting and curating textiles that speak of a bygone century, reviving styles yet shedding the customs.
We believe in embracing the rich artisanal heritage of Royal India through our offerings. The nizams and the Persians enamored the world with their own unparalleled craftsmanship. The intention is to tweak those same lines of craftsmanship and mould them to fashion silhouettes that relevant throughout. Due consideration is given to all the textiles and garments crafted and constructed keeping sustainability as the central idea.
Nature has been the sole driving force of life and the same nature has breathed life into all the collections that Nirjara stands for. The colours, motifs, patterns, fabrics, falls and moods all get inspired by nature and the environment that we live in. It accentuates the strength of character and builds reflections that go manifold.


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