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Abr, the marked cloud is our new festive collection in tones of temperate blossoms. The playful charade of the moon and the clouds bring forth this range of garments which speak of our speciality of an era gone by. 

अब्र ( clouds )

अब्र के इक कोने में लिख गये नाम मेरा
वो बदल हे था जो गुज़र भी गया और उज़र मंज़ूर ना हुआ खखा में क़ैद चाँद ने तदबीर किया
हो उठा अर्श इज़तिरार, बाद बेबाक रह गया.
Splayed on one corner of that cloud, was my name, by you
As its nature played, it floated across, rejecting my excuses
The tethered moon couldn't think of a means
As the sky grew restless, the wind speechless.


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