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For its Spring/Summer 2023 collection Studio Nirjara forays into an introspective space to explore the age-old practice of Kintsugi – a Japanese art form steeped in the virtue of restoration. Broken pottery is mended using lacquer dusted with powdered gold, forming an undiluted vision of beauty in imperfection. 

Favouring celebration over concealment this philosophy urges you to embrace your flaws and to wear your grit as second skin. 

Relaxed silhouettes and natural fabrics appear in soothing tones of butter, sage and dusty rose – crafted for multiple wears, only to age beautifully. 

The deeply individualistic patterns of clefts and crevices in ceramic are reiterated through intricate beading and thread-work on textured textiles. 

Created for the everyday and special moments, 

This is an ode to fresh beginnings. 

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