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As the hours of solitude and oneness gently pass on a quarantine afternoon, it takes us back to not so long ago. Where summer evenings were spent lazing on the grass. Watching sunsets from a new spot everyday was a hobby. And we lay free and full as watching the play of the clouds and the moon. Our inspiration this time came from looking back. RUYA came together as an epiphany for the freeness we long for. The feeling of freedom embraced into fabric. A collection that’s inspired by the topographical maps and textures of eroded cutaway landscapes. A manifestation of boxy, outdoorsy textures that take us back to the future.



Each piece is meticulously handcrafted using authentic techniques and a sustainable processes. Every dyed fabric hand painted with a discharge paste, creating unique, one of a kind garments. A refreshing, subliminal collection resulting from use of technique and the longing to dream. Something we’ve done for the first time, because unprecedented times call for an unprecedented collection.

बुलाता शहर, आमादा कस्बा है

ऐहतिराम बरतिएगा, फ़ख्त चाहा सिर्फ़ आपको, जुस्तजू सिर्फ़ आपकी है

तोहफा मुल्तवी कर आप भी रिहा हो लेंगे

शिद्दत हमारी होगी, पेश नमाज़ फरमाइएगा।

Bulata sheher aamaada kasba hai

Ehtiraam bartiyega, fakht chaha sirf aapko, justuju sirf apki hai

Tohfa multawi kar aap bhi riha ho liye

Shiddat hamari reh gayi, pesh namaaz farmaiyega.


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