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Saba is the joy in longing - a longing to live through the weaves of nostalgia. The princess wakes up from her dream as a mist of celebration floats through the air. The valley rejoices and the flowers bloom, the sun & the moon sing the poetry of Habba Khatoon. She wonders, what it’s like, to not feel time.

The valleys do that to you. Surround you with the mountains and fill you with just moments. The heights take away time, the winds whisper the worries off and all we’re left with, is appreciating the stillness of now as if time has been still for centuries. 


Experience Saba with this beautiful blend of traditional philosophies and classic Indian silhouettes immortalised through a palette of florals. Where natural glyphs and valleyed elements create a harmony between fabric and flora. Muted colours meet mellifluous designs to remind us of moments which matter. And what culminates is a piece of joy celebrating the now.

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